Custom-Made Hand Forged Knife

New Custom-Made Hand Forged Knife

Build Your Own Functional Knife


Your custom-made knife begins its life in Madison, Wisconsin. Our team started making knives in Pakistan in the early 90’s and carried it forward in the late 90’s when we moved to the States. The original forge in Pakistan still runs today and produces quality damascus steel which we use here to create custom knives for you. Your knife's exact crafting methods will depend on your selections though you can expect the utmost attention to detail paid to every aspect of its creation.


Your Knife Options:

  • Hand Sharpening: Unsharpened for safety or Hand Sharpened to a Razor’s Edge.
  • Blade Material: Choose from 1095 Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or the famed Damascus Steel.
  • Blade Style: Create the perfect blade shape according to your needs.
  • Handle Material: Choose from a variety of wood or synthetic materials to make the base of your handle.
  • Sheath: Black and brown genuine leather sheaths with either horizontal or vertical carry.
  • Blade Edge: Pick from either the clean cutting plain edge grind or the hardy serrated edge for tougher cuts.
  • Engraving: Have a custom symbol, your name, or personal phrase engraved on the blade/handle to really make it your own.
  • You may also request customization that is not listed if you don’t find what you are looking for on this page. Please feel free to contact us with your request.


Your knife is hand-made, forged, and assembled by masters of the craft, as such, the process usually takes 4-5 weeks.


The price starts at $189.99 with free shipping for a 1095 high carbon steel knife and can vary depending on the options selected. If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated customer support team via live chat, through email, or call us toll-free at 1-844-644-6686.

How to place your order:

  1. Select your preferred options from the dropdown/checkboxes
  2. Click 'Add to Cart'
  3. Write us a note if you have any additional requests


Knife Glossary

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Available Options

hand sharpening

This process produces sharp edges. Customers can request the blade to be unsharpened (blunt) for safety reasons or hand sharpened for practical cutting. The blades are sharpened using rotating wheels and belts, guided by hand. We start by roughly profiling the edge with a 600 grit belt, then smoothing the edge with a 2000 grit stone, and finally shining the edge with leather

blade materials

There are a variety of blade materials to choose from with different pros and cons, listed below

Damascus steel ---- benefits: Micro serrations, higher ductility/flexibility, decent hardness 57-58HRC, easier to sharpen, higher fracture toughness so it’s good for impact --- disadvantage: Can rust if not cared for.

1095 Carbon Steel ---- benefits: Higher hardness, 60 HRC and easier to sharpen, no micro serrations, can be mirror polished --- disadvantage: Can Rust if not cared for

Powder Coated 1095 Carbon Steel ---- same as above, plus it can only rust where the edge is exposed

Stainless Steel ---- benefits: Corrosion resistance / rust prevention, high shine, decent hardness --- disadvantage: harder to re-sharpen

Drop Point - One of the most popular blade shapes used today, commonly used for hunting knives. It has a strong point that is sharp and controllable, and has plenty of cutting edge for slicing

Clip Point - Another very popular knife design, the spine of the knife runs straight from the handle and stops about halfway up the knife, then turns and continues to the point of the knife. The point is sharper than the drop point, good for piercing

Karambit - Multi-use Southeast Asian knife designed for user safety, precision and efficiency. It has a curved blade, an ergonomic handle and includes a safety ring

Tracker - Designed to be an all-purpose survival knife for use in a wilderness environment. It is designed to chop, split, carve, hammer, scrape, saw, engrave, and even break metal wire

Dagger - Double-edged knife with a very sharp point, made for close-proximity combat or self-defense, capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon

Reverse Tanto - Designed with a steep reverse angle which helps stiffen the tip and makes it resistant to chipping. The geometry of the straight blade is ideal and makes the cutting surface more traditional and easy to maintain

Bowie / Clip Point Convex - Multi-purpose survival knife with a wide and heavy blade. The sharpened, curved tip is ideal for skinning, as well as cutting or slicing meat. It can even serve as a machete or small hatchet when needed

We offer a variety of different materials used to craft the handle, otherwise known as the scales. Handles, often made of wood or synthetic materials, provide the grip and encase the tang of the knife. The tang is the part of the steel that extends from the blade to create the base of the handle. Our knives use a full tang for maximum durability. The shape of the handle will change depending on the type of blade style you have chosen

The sheath protects both you and the knife from damage. It determines how quickly you can draw the knife and prevents the knife from falling out. Our sheaths are made from genuine leather, you can choose between black and brown leather

You may choose between vertical and horizontal carry for your sheath depending on your preference

We offer both the classic plain edge grind and a serrated edge. In general, the plain edge is better when the application involves push cuts. Also the plain edge is superior when extreme control, accuracy, and clean cuts are necessary, regardless of whether or not the job is push cuts or slices. The serrated edge will generally work better for slicing cuts, especially through hard or tough surfaces, where the serrations tend to grab and cut the surface easily


We offer laser engraving service for English, or any language of your request on either the blade or handle. We can also engrave a custom symbol of your choice

Free Shipping

This product qualifies for free air shipping.

  • $189.99
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